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  a penectomy is the complete (or sometimes partial) removal of the penis. The scrotum and testicles are almost always removed firstthis results in the appearance of a genderless state, although many remain sexually active. In most cases, the base of the penis is left on to some extent. Usually fantasy, as in castration, but at other times gender confusion or hatred, or even psychosis can. 3,273,087 pictures - 55,318 stories - 14,125 videos - body modification ezine - since 1994. This is the story of the removal of my clitoral hood, my first cutting. I had got my hood pierced vertically and was happy with that for a few months until i got talking to todd bertrang on bme chat about other female genital piercings. I was interested in getting a triangle and mentioned my hood piercing. Genital bifurcation is the partial or total splitting of the penis. Head splitting is the most common, where the glans is split in half. Usually a meatotomy is performed prior to the head splitting in this procedure, the meatus (or urethral opening) is split open on the underside of the.   scrotal removal and scrotal reduction is the surgical removal of all or part of the scrotum. It is not the same thing as castration, but, in general, a scrotal removal is rarely done unless the individual is already a eunuch because an overly tight scrotum can be very uncomfortable. The procedure involves cutting off (generally with scalpels and cautery tools) and then suturing or stapling the. Bales grabs the mans penis, examining it from every angle, his expression somber. I dont think theres a lot of healthy tissue to work with here, he says. Shaft skin removal brass neck rings chicago bodyart expo at navy pier thursday june 18th, 2009 951 am filed under skin removal i am planning to go forward with skin stripping, meaning that all skin from my cock shaft will be removedskinned. Erect, my penis has always been relatively large in diameter but not extremely long, and the combined effect of splitting the penis and reducing erectile rigidity is similar to the effect which would be realized by further widening and shortening of the penis so i now find that insertion is often quite difficult. 3d implants animal tattoos bme-hard bmeboys bmegirls body modification body piercing corset piercing cutting ear stretching events explicit extreme faces facial piercings facial tattoos flesh removal scarification funny geek guess what hands iam member iam members implants interviews kids and animals lettering tattoos microdermals modblog video.

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